Tuesday, May 08, 2007

not this time ... OR ... aayyyhhhhhhh!!!!111!!

Which is good, because there wasn't enough room for both of us up there anyway.

April 29, 2007: Matt Miller on Aretial Dysfunction, Dinosaur Mountain, Flatirons, CO. If we floated to the top every time we got on a new boulder problem, climbing wouldn't be a challenge. Fear of twisting falls above suspect landings keeps us on our toes and trying hard. Of course, we had enough pads for twisting falls above suspect landings. That's how we roll. Everyone in our crew sorted this good-times-fun problem out in short order. Thanks go out to Andy Mann and John Peske, who spotted and cleaned this tall funky tension-rich arete near The Land Before Time Boulder a couple weeks earlier. Good eyes doodz!

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Matt said...

I love that Flan just floated up the line like it was a V0- gym class jug-haul! Fun session!