Friday, May 11, 2007

going to the Poudre this weekend

This is one problem we won't be getting on.
April 2, 2005: Me on "The Lake Problem", The Bog, Poudre Canyon, CO. Sitting above the water, this moderate is about as condition-dependent as it gets. While condition-dependent problems usually require cold temperatures to send, this one requires a lengthy period of cold-temperatures so the ice will reach a sufficient depth so we can even access the problems safely. So there I was ... climbing in shorts above a frozen lake. Actually, not sure it's fair to call it a lake, but whatever ... it's a really nice problem. There are 3 more really fun and somewhat harder problems further around to the right. Thanks for taking the photo SHahn!

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chuffer said...

Since the river is currently running at 3 feet, so you can officially forget crossing the Poudre to get to the Bog/Pearl/Black/Gandalf Areas for awhile.