Thursday, May 03, 2007

'nuther wicked classic put up by U-NO-WHO

... and if you don't know who ... you SHOULD.
October 11, 2003: Justin Jaeger on The Scab, Needles Area, Custer State Park, Black Hills, SD. Just a short jaunt downhill from John Gill's 1961 masterpiece The Thimble is The Scab, another Gill classic established in 1963 that inspired a generation of boulderers ... as the photo of him clinging to the overhnaging portion of The Scab appeared in numerous climbing publications over the years as well as Master of Rock. One of the world's first V7's, it is hard to imagine Mr. Gill holding onto those razor-sharp crystals with HEAVY boots on his feet. Anyway, too bad I ran out of film on this sequence, because JJ's problems on this problem were not quite over. Wicked indeed.

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