Monday, December 04, 2006

project mode 1

We all do it and sometimes, but sometimes we project projects.

November 25, 2006: Brian Camp on the project right of Harder They Come (which later became Do Not Name This Problem - ha!!!), Gandalf Area, Poudre Canyon, CO. Several years elapsed before I finally got a full-value tour of The Gandalf Area. A few true uberclassics like Against Humanity, Gandalf, Free Flow Style and the newer Tractor Beam, a few projects, and a few whatevers. Good day across the river before my assault of Scuba Steve at the 420s just before nightfall. Good job finishing this problem Jay!


sock hands said...

the chuffer holds out like woah. i know you take brazillions of fotoes. please get with the posting. it can be done in harmony w/ fifteen minutes of actual work. i know this.

chuffer said...

I'm working on the current blog content so that my blog has some sort of cohesive purpose and is not just a rambling photopost.

I suggest you go back to the beginning for 5 minutes of entertainment socktard.

purposefulblogDAB. More pics soon.