Thursday, November 30, 2006

oft-photographed classics vol. I

This is one I have a love-hate relationship with.

October 22, 2006: Ted Lanzano on Kahuna Roof, Kahuna Boulder, Carter Lake, CO. Most believe Kahuna Roof is one the best problems in Colorado or at least one of the best problems for the grade. I was "close" (ha!!!) to finishing this back around the turn of the century, then the good crimp broke. It is now 2006, and although I have yet to finish this this stupid problem, I refuse to concede either. Anyway, in this photo sequence, Theodore was repeating Kahuna Roof for the first time in awhile. After smoothly exiting the roof onto the slab, he proceeded to get pumped ...
After scratching around on the slab for what seemed like forever trying lots of bogus crap, he began to downclimb and then jumped down. To this, a chorus of boos and hisses - followed by laughter - erupted. Of course, he sent it next go without a glitch.

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