Wednesday, December 06, 2006

answering the question "Why?"

This picture attempts to do so.

November 4, 2006: Me on Flashed Flood, Tunnel 2 Boulder, Clear Creek Canyon, CO. Although only a minute walk from the road and maybe two from the car, once you are at the Tunnel 2 Boulder, the rest of the world drops away. The water from Clear Creek is roaring, there is no cell phone service, no errands to run, no work to be done. Just you, maybe a friend or two and the rock. Do a few problems on perfect rock that seemingly was meant to be climbed upon, maybe concoct a few of problems of your own AND ignore the rest of the world for a little while. It's gymnastic problem-solving with like-minded friends, usually in a beautiful setting with nature all around you, and very few modern-day distractions. It is very simple ... very centering.


sock hands said...

proxy statement for celo, who cannot access said blog during work hours: "enlightenment is neither!!!!!!1" and "why are you climbing that little stone when that HUGE tree is right there???? compelling line like woah!!!"

times busted by spouse posting today: 2

Panama Red said...

nice photo Chuffer. I like that boulder a lot!