Tuesday, October 16, 2007

boni amici

That's latin for "good friends."
July 22, 2007: Matt Karasik on the presumed FA of Boni Amici, Mount Evans, CO. I began eyeing this problem on my first walk through the Switchbacks, but nobody seemed all that interested, so I never stopped. I thought this problem remained unclimbed until this past summer. I'm not sure why it didn't get more traffic, as it looks good and climbs well and starts off the social trail. A few folks might have passed on it because it looks easier than it is. Surprisingly, it has no easy moves. Anyway, Matty K liked the look of it and I was happy to show it to him and have him get the presumed FA a session before me. Good jorb dood!
Per Jason Tarry, Matty's FA was a sds to an established stand-up problem put up by Jeremy Bisher ... K9 Love.


sock hands said...

this line crushed my soul and made me a non-bien-eval-mal amici ala morte or some shit!

not at all easy!

werd matty k.

Jason Tarry said...

Chuffer, I thought we talked about this problem when I saw you at the swithbacks earlier this summer. This problem was put up by Jeramy Bisher in the spring of 2005. He called it "K9 love".