Thursday, September 13, 2007

focusing your efforts with limited time

You aren't going to do many satisfying lines at an area if you don't put in a little time.
March 25, 2007: Matt Karasik warming up on Big Ball Sports Arete, Arthur's Rock, Lory State Park, CO. Arthur's is home to a nice concentration of really good problems in the V4 to V8 range. There are a few harder lines ... for example: Vice, 4 Dollar Arete and The Blue Streak all look very worthwhile, but the vast majority of the brilliant problems like Voodoo Lady, Big Ball Sports, Sir Arthur's Lunge, Godzilla, Mainstreet, Last Resort, Clutch, Enchanting Wizard of Rhythm, Syringe, Ode to Failure, Shotput, The Snake and the Skewer, what we call The Icicle, Childbirth, etc. are all close to - if not within - my price range. I've done a few of these, but over the past several years I've only managed to slog up the hill once a year and my ticklist from Arthur's evidences this. This year will hopefully be different. Those of you on my call list, expect to be lobbied hard and often for day trips to Arthur's this fall and winter.

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