Wednesday, June 06, 2007

project mode 5

Hey strongmos ...
June 2007: Andy Mann on a project, Green Slab Boulder, Burn Zone, Gross Reservoir, CO. A couple of low underclings in a seam on the face were clean, yet it was immediately clear to us that nobody has gotten up this rig. After violently cleaning a series of lichen-inundated slopers on the ramp with the angry brush, unearthing and subsequently peeling off almost every imperfection that would have been useful as a hand or foothold on the face, we each managed the first move a few times, but neither of us got any further. The thing is ... there are a series of very enticing finishing JUGS that start at about 8 1/2 feet. So, take advantage of this newly cleaned impeccable granite, get up there and add a new problem to the repertoire of fun stuff up there already.

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Dropknee said...

I would not want to fall that far onto those double stacked highlander pads. V? XXXXXXXXX