Tuesday, June 19, 2007

getting out with a good crew

April 1, 2007: John Peske, Dave Wahl, TJ and The Delo sorting out what would (minutes later) become Ankylosaurus, Dinosaur Mountain, Flatirons, CO. The energy was insane after Andy took us up to this boulder and we proceeded to establish I Heart Jugs, Littlefoot, and Pebbles Flintstone on the right side of the boulder. Good friends, positive energy, glorious temps, the winter-from-hell was finally over, everyone was psyched ... and it was a GLORIOUS day in the Flatirons. Unfortunately, I got no photos of The Delo's send, so you'll have to live without the beta for the last 2-3 moves.
Oh yeah, a week later, The Delo came back and climbed the line to the left ... a line Andy had cleaned and tried last fall. He dubbed it Supersaurus, presumably because it was sooooooooooo freakin' super. Supersaurus begins from a sit start on obvious holds 5 or 6 feet left of Ankylosaurus and moves straight up past obvious sidepulls to some subtleties at 10-12 feet before getting into the high seam and the thin topout. Supersaurus climbs really well and with a little traffic should become a Flatirons classic.

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sock hands said...

so, was matt miller not there to FA little foot? or, did i catch an omission?