Wednesday, April 25, 2007

saving the hardest for last?!!!!!11???

A sending technique I'm unfamiliar with.
August 13, 2006: Justin Jaeger on Supernatural Ice, Skyland, Crested Butte, CO. After throwing himself at every problem we walked by for 2 days at Skyland (15+ hrs on Saturday starting at 4:30 AM and 9+ hours on Sunday), Justin agreed with us that we should DEFINITELY visit the small northwest zone of rock at Skyland before walking out. While the rest of us were wiped out and struggled to the top of moderate problems like The Hueco Problem, Justin set his sights on Supernatural Ice. Initially steep and powerful, then techy and sequential on perfect slopers and polished crimps, his effort was focused and resulted in an impressive end-of-the-trip send.


sock hands said...

...which would not have been possible without celo's unlikely trick beta for the first move that doesn't look logical even after you've done it. werd, tanks.

Dropknee said...

I have seen this technique by JJ done many times. Bruce Lee -4th day on, end of day...what?! I was not familiar with this technique either.

chuffer said...

Bruce Lee ... how could I forget?

That, too, was inf'ncredible.