Friday, February 16, 2007

to find some problems, you need a tour

... and in northern Colorado, the one you usually want to give you the tour is Bennett Scott. Thanks Tendon!

November 26, 2006: Justin Jaeger on The Toucan, Ceremonies, Red Feather Lakes, CO. Justin and I had been wondering how to find this problem for years. It was the end of the weekend and although I had already redlined it on Pinhead, I was very close to doing the crux first move. This is a problem I will have to come back to relatively fresh. Obvious and pure with a harder low start for added value. Here Justin does it in a few tries. He then proceeded to send the low start within a few goes. Nice "jorb" dude!


sock hands said...

i found the hidden turd snatcher in the photo first... GIVE ME MY WINNINGS RIGHT NOW

chuffer said...

that turd-snatching dog of yours has got some growin' up to do this summer.

sock hands said...

every time you post a comment, you should pay me $1.00 US in royalties/photo licensing fees.

but no worries about brewer. severe beatings have an aging effect on dogfaced fools.

chuffer said...

I think you should reconsider calling anyone a "dogfaced fool" foolface!!!!11!!!