Thursday, February 22, 2007

home areas

Here we catch a rare glimpse of the old man in his natural habitat.

May 6, 2006: Ken Gibson on The Tollbooth Arete, 420's, Poudre Canyon, CO. The old man cruising classics in the Poudre - these go together like PB & J. In spite of how much time he's spent up there, it never takes much to drag the old man up into the Poudre for a session, whether it's at one of the well-travelled areas or maybe even one of the lesser known ones. As usual, he walked this problem with style while claiming to have never climbed it - ha! While a trip to the Poudre is an all-day affair for for many of us, the old man is known to cruise up there on a moments notice, float a few classics to test his fitness, maybe try 1 or 2 of the testpieces and then head home. I'm so jealous, but then again I've got Flagstaff Mountain, the Flatirons and Eldorado Canyon State Park as home areas just 15 minutes away.

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