Saturday, April 17, 2010

Career Ender

March 7, 2010: Justin Jaeger on Career Ender in The Amphitheater, Flagstaff Mountain. Although Mongolian Cosmonaut, Overhanging Hand Traverse, Gill Direct and Sandpaper Ledge get all the attention and traffic on the front side of the Amphitheater, there is another nice problem that gets almost no traffic. JJ made the topout more complicated than necessary on this moist morning, but who am I to tell him? The name for this one scares most folks away, but the real nightmare in this area is Jonathan Thesenga's problem Deathfuck 5000 that starts and climbs straight up a few feet to the left.


Situner said...

I did a "deathfuck" once!

Ahhh college.

Chuffer, i'm so psyched you're back my eyes might bleed.

Working on getting back to denver, and then climbing with your face!

Any interest in Newlin in the mean time?

-The Tuner of Si's

chuffer said...

"No" on the "down-south" for now, but psyched to back back brutha mang!

Busy working on the Flag guide, working and trying to get back in shape for alpine season. Having fun with stuff close to home and preparing to move to our new Boulder County home sometime in the next 6 weeks.