Sunday, March 21, 2010


January 26, 2010: Ken "Old Man" Gibson on Skunk Rub Traverse, Carter Lake, CO. If you know me, you know that I generally dislike traverses, with lip traverses receiving a special level of disdain. Maybe it was my year away from climbing that has softened my stance on this issue, but I've decided to be open to climbing traverses again - if nothing else - for the fitness benefits. Carter Lake is not known for it's traverses, but the Skunk Rub Traverse along with Sgt. Woody's Traverse and Traverse do Jour are nice ones.

Also, I'm back in CO. I just couldn't stay away for long. It was a long year on the East Coast, with too much working and too little climbing. I'm trying to rectify that, but being in the worst shape of my life is a long process to come back from. Slowly, but surely.


sock hands said...

fight bigotism! embrace traverses!

Lloyd Family said...

Don't forget the north face of the Monster Boulder traverse. I've blanked on the name, Traverse du Jour?, but it's just as good as Sgt. Woody's.

Great to see that you're climbing and posting again!

Situner said...


CHUFFER! You're HOME!!!!!


Climbing sessionness needed soon.

My schedule sucks real bad, but email me. I would love to get a session in with you!

Welcome back dood!