Monday, November 03, 2008

the next President of the USA

It is time for REAL change. It is time for every American to have REAL access to health care. It is time for the securities, financial, insurance, mortgage and investment banking industries to be subject to REAL regulations again. It is time for American corporations to be encouraged to keep REAL jobs for American workers in America. It is time for capital gains to be taxed again. They are REAL income you know? A small shift in our progressive tax policy is not socialism, communism or anything else the GOP would have you believe. It is time for energy companies to further develop and invest in clean fuel technologies as well as wind, solar and nuclear power. It is time for this war in Iraq that costs $3 billion per week to end. We've spent more than a trillion dollars in Iraq. That is more than enough. It way past time that we turned our attention to hunting down OBL and his lieutenants. It is time for the division between races in this country to heal once and for all. It is time for change in Washington and in the United States of America.
This is going to be a landslide. WOOT WOOT!


Peter Beal said...

Calling it like it is Chuffer!

matt said...

i didn't see a place to contact you on here... i'm in PA (philly) and can give you a lot of the beta what's possibly the most underestimated bouldering state in the country.... we got it all!


sock hands said...

i agree that the obama experiment will be interesting. for all our sakes, i certainly hope he can deliver on his promises. i'll leave it at that lest i further alienate myself from the 99.9% of the climbing community.

sock hands said...

and no, i am not a republican. i would never have voted that way if mit was on the ticket. palin was political suicide and i think it's a shame.

at least with a democratic congress obama can either sink or swim immediately rather than blaming anything on an unsupportive legislative branch.

i really do hope my skepticism is misplaced.