Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Farewell Colorado ...

I leave today for a fresh start in Virginia. Thanks for all the memories! To all my friends and family, thanks for your support, love and friendship. It's been a wonderful time in my life. One I will always treasure. This isn't goodbye though, I'll be just down the road checking some East Coast boulders out ... w3rd.


Ted Lanzano said...

You'll be missed here in Colorado Chipper. Best of luck with everything out east and I can't wait to meet up soon. If you need any photos or beta for the Flag guide, just let me know.



El Cap McIntosh said...


I know things are probably intensely hectic with the move, but I (and many others) would love to see the blog continue! I know there's some amazing rock out east(I live in TN), SO climb it and then write about it. You are a talented writer. And your pictures are great! I spend hours on your blog and others like it bouldering vicariously.

So I guess I'm just sayin' "Keep up the great work!"

Peace, and happy trails