Friday, September 12, 2008

Evans & it's moderates

Add another to the list (see below)!!!

August 26, 2008: Ken Gibson on The Headache, Mount Evans Wilderness Area, CO. And boy did the Old Man have a headache 2 hours before this picture was taken. After our bridge building exercise at Area A and our hike up to C, we all split up. Ken and I didn't feel all that great and priority #1 was getting out of the fucking talus. After eating and drinking Red Bulls, we warmed up on another problem, then we pulled this one down ... Ken actually did it 3 times for fun, a strong indicator of how GOOD it is.


The Warmup Overhang V0, Switchbacks Talus

Timeline V0, Area A

BS Squared V0/1, Area A

The Warmup Arete V1, Switchbacks Talus

The Bisher Dihedral V1, Roadside Boulders

The Ladder V1 sds, Area A

Last of the Ohitians V1, Area A

The Headache V1, Area C

Ben's Arete V1, Aerials

Broken Crystal V2, The Switchbacks

The Roadside Problem V2 sds, Roadside Boulders

The Roadside Warmup V2 sds, Roadside Boulders

Puddle Jumper V2, Area A

Reality Show V2, West Area B

Buddy Swalsack V3, The Switchbacks

Dark Crystal V3, East Area A

The B Seam V3, Area B

The Magic Bean V3, The Aerials

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