Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Willow Crossing / New Bridge to Area A

It's never been better.
August 26, 2008: By completely removing both old log jams/beaver dams/bridges to Area A in the Mount Evans Wilderness Area AND rebuiding 2 new ones, I'm hopeful this swampy zone will no longer be a bog. By accumulating water and holding it in the area 24 hours a day for 7 months a year after the April thaw, the boggy mess encouraged folks to leave the main social trail in search of dry footing, resulting in a threadwork of exits from the log jam on the far side. No more. Stay on the main social trail as much as possible here and elsewhere in this sensitive area, as this increases our clout with the wilderness rangers as a responsible user group. And yes, the rangers have said so. There is talk of a designated trail to our precious little rocks which would indefinitely preserve access. Take care of this place people. It's one of the country's best bouldering areas. More about this issue and our day can be seen at

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