Tuesday, November 13, 2007

long time comin'

The send and the overdue photosequence.
March 25, 2007: Justin Jaeger on Childbirth, Arthur's Rock, Lory State Park, CO. I was there the first time JJ looked at and briefly tried this problem in 2002. I'm pretty sure he'd been daydreaming about Childbirth ever since. To satiate those demons, we finally got back with the appropriate number of pads, nice temps and a psyched crew this past March. Four tries later, he was standing on top of a problem that sat near the top of his ticklist for close to 5 years. Noice jorb there sockhands! Sorry for the delay in this post JJ, but believe it or not it was very hard to narrow the photosequence down to 9 shots from the 40+ I took that day. On the other hand, I'm sure there are some uber-camera snobs out there who think I posted 9 shots too many. Oh well.


Bryan said...

NICE!!!Looks super proud.

sock hands said...

i like how the spotters grow in numbers for each subsequent shot.... werd!

Climbing Narcissist said...

that looks like big fun!