Tuesday, September 11, 2007

not out of season ... YET

Hanging on by a thread.
September 9, 2007: Matt Karasik making his first approach to and exit from The Aerials, Mount Evans Wilderness Area, CO. The approach to The Aerials is a little longer this time of year due to the road closure. Fortunately, not much is added in terms of difficulty ... 2 additional miles of relatively flat hiking for a round trip of about 7-8 miles with ~1,500 feet of elevation regained during the exit. The weather threatened at times, but never affected the day. If your climbing experience is about more than just climbing, this place is definitely special.


sock hands said...

so bummed.

sock hands said...

yay for you fools, though!

sock hands said...

ELUSIVE TRIPLE COMMENT !!!!!!!1111111111