Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Sometimes variations muddy the waters and other times they are nice additions/distractions.
July 16, 2006: Tony Yao, Seth Sanford and Justin Jaeger during the FA session on Rawhide, Mount Evans Wilderness Area, CO. All Dogs Go to Evans is a fairly obvious line that surfs left along the low arete on the east face of the Seurat Boulder to a jug under the roof, then continues up and left across the face to the apex of the boulder. JJ thought it would be a grand idea to add an alternate finish to ADGTE that pulled onto the slab from the jug, then cruised to the top. It sounded easy enough, but - after spending an hour or more cleaning it up - it turned out to be quite a technical nightmare to turn the lip and establish on the exit slab. And once you've turned the lip, you've still got 15 more feet of thin sketchyness to contend with. Thinking back, this problem throws a lot of monkey business at you and I'm pretty sure JJ sandbagged us with his favorite grade ... V7. Maybe this photosequence will help Rawhide see a few repeats.


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