Tuesday, August 21, 2007

unlocking sequences ...

... occasionally requires whack-assed beta.
August 19, 2007: TJ Burchfield on the FA of Magical Mystery Tour, Mount Evans, CO. One of the joys of the bouldering experience is unlocking sequences, solving cruxy puzzles and figuring out the easiest way to the top, etc. We exhausted lots of other possibilities on this one, then tried the old one-finger one-joint sideways finger lock crossover dyno. There may be other ways to surmount this bulge, but this turned out to be disturbingly fun, far easier than the other possibilities and the send train showed up for us as soon as we tried this ridiculous maneuver.


sock hands said...

dab. real betas as follows: cross over one finger half pad figure four to double toe hook bat hang for no hands rest to shake out before the through your own legs gainer dyno.

effin duh!

Matt said...

Ignore him. He's had too much coffee again.

Nice job T.J. and sick pictures chip!