Thursday, August 09, 2007

4 & 5 star moderate gems

Here's pics of one from Evans maybe you haven't seen.
August 5, 2007: Justin Jaeger on Buddy Swalsack, Mount Evans, CO. I suppose moderate means different things to different people, so I've arbitrarily cut this list off at V3. Lots of you have seen pictures of or maybe you've climbed some of these lines which include Dark Crystal, Timeline, The Ladder, BS Squared, Puddle Jumper, Angular Momentum, The Magic Bean, etc., among maybe a few others. Here's another line to add to that exclusive list. The perfect layaways in a crack that narrows to fingers bust out a Yosemite-like overhang, then widen to bomber hands/fists as you turn onto the slab. Unlike anything I've seen anywhere in Colorado, you can definitely add this to my list of 4 & 5 star moderates in the Mount Evans area.


sock hands said...

bwahahhahaha looks so lowball in these piks, but we were all sweating it!

Dropknee said...