Tuesday, July 03, 2007

freedom isn't free ...

It costs $10 to get there. Lincoln would not be impressed.

July 4, 2006: Josh Cothren on Emancipation Right, Mount Evans Wilderness Area, CO. Neither the $10 fee to drive up the Mount Evans Byway nor the proud 45 minutes of pouring rain we endured at The Strikezone Area huddled under overhanging boulders that were too small to shield our posse from the deluge (rain at 12,000 feet is not fun) stopped us from continuing down the hill for more fun cleaning and sending as the rock dried out and having one of the most memorable July 4ths EVAR!!!


Jamie Emerson said...

any chance there are undone steep lins at lincoln lake?

chuffer said...

There are undone lines for sure Jamie. It is doubtful that there is another Jade, Ode, NMGG, etc., but you never know.

The Corridor Area is 15-20 minutes from the car and has the most of the larger blocks and walls. It might be worth snooping around there for sure.