Monday, June 18, 2007

over 7 years ago ...

This was among the 1st problems I did when I moved to CO.
April 10, 2007: Mike Banuelos on Major Tom, Satellite Boulders, Flatirons, CO. The Satellites, along with Flagstaff and Carter Lake were among the first zones of blocks that permanently sold me on bouldering and thankfully got me to put the ropes, gear, drill away after 11 years. The Satellites possess some of the best stone in the Flatirons and a perfect 25-30 minute warm-up hike that keeps the lazy-ass roadside boulderers away. These blocks, along with those on Flagstaff Mountain and at Carter Lake were the blocks that transformed me from a full-time chuffer into the enlightened chuffer that I profess to be today. Although I prefer bouldering on granite, I will always have a soft spot for Fountain sandstone.

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