Friday, June 29, 2007

after multiple days in the willows

I finally sent and JJ was "allowed" to get a quick repeat.
July 16, 2006: Justin Jaeger on Prehistoric Bird, Mount Evans Wilderness Area, CO. On the second boulder in the willows as you walk into Area A are 3 lines. The other two went down fairly quickly 2 years earlier ... but this one did not. On four prior occasions spread out over 2 years, I looked at or got on this line at the very end of a long day, sometimes with people eagerly waiting to head home - sorry Ashley, Ted and anyone else I'm forgetting. Tired and rushed on those days, I failed to get anywhere. Hell, I never even got it cleaned sufficiently for sending. On this day, I started my day in the willows, cleaned it up proper style and finally put it away via a couple of clutch snags, hence the name. JJ then got the OK and swooped in for a quick repeat. Maybe I can get one of you foolfaces to repeat it for the camera, without all the totally superfluous FA-session chalk this time, eh?
The Second Willow Boulder sports 3 obvious problems on it's east side. The thin and tricky SE arete on the left is Sacred Stones and the NE arete on the right with the somewhat despo "army-crawl" (JJ's words) topout is The Last Drag. Prehistoric Bird ascends the vertical face between them just left of a thin seam. After you negotiate your way through the willows, all 3 problems are fun for a change of pace, to warm up or to try something else up at Big E in the V2 to V7 range. No hard and fast grades are given. We're all grownups and can decide for ourselves, right?

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