Monday, April 02, 2007

Matt just nabbed his first FA ...

... be psyched for him.
April 1, 2007: Matt Miller on the FA of Little Foot, Dinosaur Mountain, Flatirons, CO. The line was obvious to me. As soon as I saw this overhanging boulder, I immediately gravitated to the starting holds, neither one of them very good, but together with what little footholds existed on the wall ... there should be enough to generate for the sidepull jug near the lip. Everyone else was psyched on other things on the wall, taller things with more moves and more consistent climbing, but Matt stayed close while I inspected the starting holds, scrubbed the sloping pinch oh so gingerly and then violently went to work on the somewhat chossy pocket, dislodging pebbles with every stroke. When every pebble inside the pocket that might dislodge had, and the topout had been scrubbed sufficiently, the problem was ready. While I struggled to sort out the first move, Matt did the first move really quickly. Sweet!!! In fact, he did it a couple of times ... before he managed the second move, a weird match inside the sidepull which you have to accomplish before you melt out of it. A cobrastrike to a good rail and two easy long pulls and Matt was the first one to top it out. Good work on the first of what I'm sure will be many FAs for you!!!
And oh yeah, all that damn time I spent up on the slab trying to get rid of dead branches and they're still in my fuckin' way. Damnit.


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