Tuesday, February 27, 2007

bouldering vs. soloing

It's easy to blur the lines between the two at The Aerials.

July 9, 2005: David Ludders on Inquiries From Within, Mount Evans Wilderness Area, CO. The crux on this Cameron Cross "problem" is up high and goes on for a few moves. I found it terrifying, yet I was neither climbing nor spotting. The 14 crashpads strewn about the bouldery landing would have done little in the event of a fall from up high. Proud repeat, but not too sure this problem will be done all that many more times. There are few other problems at the Aerials that are equally committing. Anyway, bring brass balls when you hike into the Aerials and have large lungs ready for the hike out.


Panama Red said...

gimmie sips.

sneeldog said...

i will only require one sip...rationing of sips is sometimes necessary to quench the thirst of the multitudes.

chuffer said...

this blog does not provide sips, only big gulps.